Flying Goose Quilting

For all your quilting needs

Flying Goose Quilting started when my husband and myself returned home to live in Wales. My love of craft started when I was very young with my mother teaching me to knit, primarily for my dolls. But as I grew she also taught me to sew and I was soon benefitting from making my own clothes by sewing and knitting. Into my twenties I was introduced to patchwork and I was intrigued by the designs, techniques and variations you could achieve from mixing and moving fabric around.

Now, older I still enjoy creative pastimes and my love of sewing has not diminished. Neither has my passion for fabrics. So when we decided to open a shop in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire we thought to try our hand on the Internet (another love of mine is learning new skills!).

I hope you find our selection an interesting mix of designs, traditional and modern. We stock a wide range of designers and try to keep our prices as low as we can. We also stock wadding, accessories and plenty of help and advice if you need that as well. We are open in the shop Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00 until 4.30 and will help whenever we can.